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RIG  Full

The full lighting rig comprises modern fixtures and all utilise LED technology apart from the Showtec DMX Active Blinders.  This ensures minimum power usage and huge flexibility when building and executing your light show.  It is all controlled via a Zero 88 FLX desk and touchscreen.  I also use Wifi keeping cabling to a minimum.

The rig consists of -

20  X  QTX COB High Power 6 X 30W LED Pars 

6  X  Chauvet Intimidator Hybrid 140SR Moving Heads 

4    X  Showtec Sunstrip (Blinders)

2    X Martin Rush CWL Strobes

1    X  Showtec DMX splitter/booster

2    X  Chauvet Hurricane 2D Hazer

1    X  Neo-Neon Z-1500 DMX 1500 Watt Fogger

The rig is set up on a number of different staging options to suit the event staging and platform.   We can discuss all the options to suit you beforehand.

Fixture Plan  

RIG  Small

If you have a smaller pub gig or similar it is still important to provide that much needed atmosphere. Through controlled lighting and effects but mindful of the space available this is entirely still possible. For this I can offer the two front columns from the full rig.​


This rig is also controlled by WiFi